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10 Exclusive Insights on Telematics Buyers

What does a telematics buyer actually look like?

The truth is we simply don’t know.

Sketchy data makes creating an ideal customer persona (ICP) for fleet operators incredibly difficult. And that’s a real problem if you are trying to sell to them.

Thankfully, this is about to change.

In our latest report, we reveal 10 exclusive insights into telematics buyers that paint a very clear picture of who your buyers are and provide all you need to create winning go-to-market strategies that will supercharge your growth.


The telematics market problem


A lack of insight is costing telematics providers dearly. Most data sets aren’t even able to conclusively indicate whether an SME has a vehicle fleet or not.

Inevitably this poorly defined market is ramping up lead generation costs and slowing down sales.

After all, gut instinct is not the most efficient measure for effective prospecting.

But our team has just released an analysis of our unique data that will give you the clearest picture of the telematics market to date – and we’ll show you how to use this insight to identify and convert fleet operators more efficiently.


In the picture: an overview of the telematics market


  • Of the 149,929 fleet operators in the UK, 98% have less than 100 vehicles – and of this 98%, there are 63% with fewer than 10.
  • Nearly all businesses with a fleet are B2B (91%) and the majority of fleets are cars (64%).
  • The good news for telematics providers is that 60% of fleet vehicles are owned rather than leased.


Our data goes on to pinpoint geographic hotspots for companies with fleets as well as revealing fascinating demographic information about fleet owners.

But, it’s in the attitudes to and adoption of technology that a surprising picture emerges that should inform how telematics providers should approach this market.


A fleeting interest in tech


Here’s the thing:

66% of fleet buyers are ‘Technology Laggards’.

You can find out how we discovered this in the full report, but for now, let’s just consider the far-reaching implications.

The first is that you should reconsider your marketing. Remove any references that try and dazzle with ‘tech talk’ – you are more likely to lose interest than gain a sale.

The second is that down-to-earth and practical is the order of the day here. Talk about monitoring driver hours and checking up on driver performance, rather than worry about the super-smart tech that enables this. 

The third implication is that knowing the vast majority of your audience is switched off by tech may be liberating for you. You can forget all the song and dance about digital transformation and focus instead on outcomes, applications, and results.


10 exclusive insights into telematics buyers revealed


There’s a lot more insight into the telematics market in our full report.

Download it now to discover:

  • How you can use your deeper understanding of fleet size, type and ownership to inform your go-to-market strategies
  • How to take advantage of the geographic spread of your market
  • A greater understanding of your buyer persona – including the style of messaging that will resonate with them


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