At the moment you can deploy Adzact campaigns on LinkedIn and the LinkedIn Audience network, but we’re working to allow deployment across many other publishers, including The Financial Times, The Economist, Facebook, Twitter and specialist B2B publishers.

Adzact gives you the audiences, but you’ll need your own Ads. You may have your own, use an agency, or use the new generative AI platforms to create your Ads

It generally doesn’t make sense to run Ad campaigns if you cannot spend at least £7K on media per month.

Digital Ad campaigns can show improved results very quickly, i.e. within days, but your sales process may take more time to have statistical confidence on the the conversation rate of leads to sales.

Adzact focuses on giving you the best possible audience. A set of businesses that are most likely to convert into highs-spending clients. We do this better than anyone else. We then plug into publishers on the back-end that can take your ads to employees of these businesses.

Companies spending at least £7K on B2B digital advertising per month, that have reasonably well-established lead-sale processes already in place.

The sky is the limit! Adzact allows you to target businesses on almost any dimension you can imagine, from structural features, such as their employee to salary bill ratio, where they currently bank, or their geographic distribution, to cultural features like their owner’s passion for instagram or tolerance for risk.

Clients have generally achieved 3x higher revenue for the same Ad spend and 2x higher lead to sale conversion rates

Please visit our Audience Audit page and see how much faster you could grow.

On Adzact Campaign Manager, we try to make this as easy as possible for you. First thing you should know are that there are two types of results you can view. One is all about the macro picture, checking out the overall data across all campaigns. To get a birds-eye view of your summarized data, it’s always best to check the Dashboard page. Another is about the micro, digging deep into the details of each campaign. To get a better idea on the results of your campaigns, ad groups, and ads, you need to head over to the Campaign page.

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