Value AI

Predict buyer spend

Predict the value of every future customer before you spend even one marketing dollar to acquire them. Select the most optimal acquisition channel to maximize return on spend.

Traditional spend
prediction is broken

Most businesses use a single point of reference like revenue or employee numbers to decide what the customer is going to be worth and, therefore, what marketing channels they should use. The problem is, no two customers are the same and nor is their spend.


You could have two companies that look very similar by employee numbers and revenue. Yet one of the businesses spends much more than the other.

Take the guesswork out
of channel selection

The Pareto principle implies that 20% of your customers represent 80% of your sales. What if you could identify the 20% that spends the
most, in an instant?


Value AI uses thousands of proprietary company attributes to accurately segment every good-fit buyer into spend bands – from high to low. Giving you a data-driven way to select the right channels based on true value. 

Select the best marketing channels
based on true spend.

Transform the way you go to market.