Persona AI

Create messaging
that sells

Unleash your creativity by creating and scaling marketing messaging that resonates.

Take the guesswork out of writing

Your buyers desire more personalized and relevant marketing experiences. But creating compelling messaging based on industry codes or employee numbers is hard. With Persona AI, you can create more targeted messaging driven by deep insights, instead of guesswork.

What can you do with Persona AI?

The power of Persona AI doesn’t just stop at insight-driven messaging. 

Create micro-audiences based on likelihood to convert against a particular type of marketing message.

Have more meaningful conversations with your prospects insight-led talking points.

Create richer buyer personas by empowering your product and marketing teams with unique buyer insights.

How does it work?

Persona AI maps your CRM data against a library of thousands of unique insights. It works out what insights correlate with positive responses to a particular message and segments your audience into persona-microsegments. Helping you create segment-specific messaging for every account in every micro-segment.

Delight your customers with messaging that resonates.

Transform the way you go to market.