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Just Eat for Business needs to understand and target their total addressable market.


Good Quality Leads from LinkedIn Campaigns


Just Eat for Business (JEB) lets companies give their employees free food throughout the day. It is the ultimate employee benefit. It is for businesses competing heavily for staff, or that are already committed to the best possible office experience.


Just Eat for Business faces a common challenge: understanding their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and targeting their total addressable market (TAM). With the ever-changing landscape, staying ahead of the trends is key to business success. That’s why they have adopted a holistic approach to their target market analysis with Adzact to ensure they know good their ICP & TAM. To know how much potential value lies within each account, city and total addressable market. Minimising cost per lead and maximising ROI.


Understanding their ICP and targeting their TAM.

A Fit AI tailored model, allows them to know each company in their TAM by name and the reasons to match their ICP. Then, using LinkedIn allows them to advertise only to employees of pre-qualified accounts – ultimately increasing lead-opportunity conversion. Adzact B2B Targeting Signals are nuanced, unorthodox, structured and cultural. For example, Just Eat has signals such as how much prospects are paying for their office space, the emphasis company puts in their distinctive culture, videos on career page and cash in hand; in other words, finding businesses investing in their employees.


Good quality leads have tripled.

When Just Eat for Business runs this type of activity without Adzact, the lead quality is diluted by a lot of undesirables, people that they don’t want to be spending money on. Adzact has enabled them to generate leads that are more likely to convert into business opportunities. Moreover, good quality leads from LinkedIn, measured as those that represent large opportunities, have tripled. When the sales team targets those potential customers, they know how they fit their ICP and what to say to convert them into clients. With this holistic approach, Just Eat for Business has been able to identify and reach its target market more accurately and effectively.

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