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How Vitality Doubled Lead
Conversion Rates with Adzact


Increase in call-to-meeting rate


New in-market companies identified


Reduction in cost per meeting


Vitality is the first insurance company to reward people for healthy living. Owned by Discovery Holdings, a leading global insurer with over 4.4 million clients, the business sells health and life insurance plans to both businesses and consumers.


For many years, Vitality have been running large-scale B2B marketing campaigns. Their B2B sales and marketing activities have enjoyed a roaring success by focusing on a single goal — growth. As Ross Dowson describes it: “The quickest route to failure is bad data, the quickest route to success is good data.”

“The quickest route to failure is bad data, the quickest route to success is good data.”

Ross Dowson, Director of Direct Sales


Inside sales as a channel was losing its effectiveness

Traditional marketing channels were losing their effectiveness Like many other businesses, Vitality operates in a competitive and crowded market. According to Ross, traditional marketing platforms were becoming less efficient over time due to market saturation and the competitive landscape of Vitality’s market.


It was becoming clear that traditional company attributes like sector and turnover were not predictive of whether businesses would engage and buy from Vitality. They simply didn’t have access to more strongly correlated data points that could be used to model the likelihood to buy. This prompted them to question the viability of traditional Ad channels as a go-to-market strategy.


Finding patterns in the best customers

Finding patterns in the best customers Adzact analysed Vitality’s CRM data and used it to identify the patterns of signals commonly found in Vitality’s customers. These signals were then used to build an AI model, which identified over 130,000 previously untargeted accounts that shared the same traits as Vitality’s most successful customers. These newly identified prospects were then engaged through targeted ad campaigns.


Wider customer universe.
Better team morale.

Wider customer universe. Better team morale.


Adzact allowed them to target the full total addressable market and segment down to audiences that were three times more likely to convert than their pre-Adzact prospects.


This led to:

24% reduction in cost of acquisition, and

2X increase in conversion rate.

"Our data strategy was already sophisticated with several different propensity models running, but none had access to the insights Adzact has.

We have increased conversion rates, reduce costs, and expect to see continual improvement."

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