In your opinion, how has the B2B buyer journey changed as a result of the pandemic and what can organisations do to adapt to those changes? As we all know, a greater portion of the buyer journey has gone digital, which often means that the “ownership” shifts towards marketing. Even years before the pandemic, it […]

How should B2B organizations approach creating content for potential customers? People are a lot more selective with the materials and content that they engage with, especially after the pandemic where we all became flooded with everything that occurs in our personal lives. There is also a bigger push towards digital channels, which has led to […]

In your opinion, what are some key elements of effective customer acquisition? Presenting information in various formats is really useful as people learn in different ways. Whether that be a blog, chatbot, online video, or speaking to them directly and explaining what that product is. There are always going to be people that don’t want […]

In your opinion, how did the pandemic affect buyer attitudes and what should organisations do to adapt to these changes in the post-pandemic period? During the pandemic, businesses got used to operating in a highly unpredictable environment. I believe that now, in the post-pandemic period, they’re more secure and have adapted to new market conditions. […]

In the digital-first world, how big of a role does human interaction play when it comes to customer acquisition? At the start of the buyer journey, human interaction continually decreases with the decline of telemarketing. However, the role of human interaction further down the line is still absolutely crucial–especially when dealing with complicated goods. Customers […]

How should B2B companies think about customer experience in a digital-first world? During the pandemic, everything became digital, even services that everyone thought would never be digital. As a result, people became more digitally savvy, leading to companies realising that the old ways of interacting have changed. Now, the companies that deliver both the best […]

In a world of digital buyer journeys, do humans still have a role to play? There is certainly a key role for humans to play in the digital buying journey. There is no such thing as a 100% effective digital buyer journey. For example, if you’re in the process of onboarding a new digital tool […]

What is one of the best ways for organisations to attract new buyers in the post-pandemic market? In order to attract buyers, organisations need to be adding value. The pandemic accelerated digital marketing and customer engagement and expedited saturation in the market. Companies found this tactic as a way to contact buyers inexpensively. Now as […]