Emma Isichei

Following the pandemic, how is your organisation approaching human engagement? I think what Covid did was take everything digital – we moved everything to digital and our mission was to put customers first and make sure they were okay. We worked with customers to provide advice on changing developments, around things like furlough. We provided […]

Lior Zaidner

“In the B2B world it’s easy to get lost in titles and positions within an organisation and to forget that there is a real person on the other side. Even in a digital buyer journey, you have to take that into consideration if you want to build an accurate buyer persona. In order to do […]

Roham Shams

What does digital-first approach mean to you in terms of customer acquisition? For me, the digital journey for customer acquisition has to remain pretty much connected to human emotions in terms of targeting, nurturing, and bringing people in the acquisition cycle before a person actually interacts with them. The scale that we can achieve from […]

Simon Futcher – Veolia

New Window

There’s a lot less differentiation between products and the human interaction is the differentiating factor.

Libby Escolme – Sodexo

“You can give a fantastic customer journey but if the customer doesn’t trust you it is a problem”