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Hey {FIRSTNAME}, this is not personalised B2B marketing!


B2B marketers are still playing catch-up with the personalised experiences used by their B2C counterparts. 

And experience is definitely the keyword here. Simply throwing out someone’s name and hat-tipping their company is not personalisation.

Personalised marketing is all about understanding the specific customer journey and this is exactly what B2B buyers now expect. 

But don’t take our word for it.

According to Salesforce, 89% of B2B buyers name personalisation as the key factor in winning their business.

Let’s consider the four things that you must get right when you personalise your B2B buying experience.

  1. The right accounts – you need to know who is most likely to buy and who isn’t
  2. The right channel – you need to be able to select the most optimal channel based on customer’s spend 
  3. The right message – you need to be able to create messaging that’s personalised
  4. The right people – you need insight to reach out to those most receptive


In summary, to personalise your B2B marketing you must gain data and insight that allows you to target the accounts most likely to buy, through the most cost-efficient channels, using messages that will resonate with the right people.


The right accounts

By identifying companies with buying intent your personalised marketing will generate 5x more quality leads.

Read about our LinkedIn experiments for the facts behind the data here.


The right channel

Using predictive customer value models, you can accurately see the likely revenue from any prospect. This makes it simple to not only pick the best channel to use based on the expected return, but also provide a buyer journey that’s tailored to how businesses want to buy.

Read about how we use data points to accurately map any company’s potential spend to you


Right message

By combining detailed buyer personas with unique company level attributes you can create a highly-personalised message that combines pain points with unique insights on the business you’re targeting.

Read about the three steps to take your personalised messaging to the next level


Right people

You can enhance your buyer persona matches by adding intent data gained from an understanding of  who is already familiar with your brand and who is following your competitors.

Find out how you can identify buyers engaging with your customers


{FIRSTNAME}, here’s your four-point checklist to real personalised B2B marketing

There is a reason B2C brands personalise their marketing to the nth degree – it’s because humans love personalised experiences and detest being squished into anyone’s mould.

And here’s the thing:

Your buyers do not stop being human just because they have their work hat on.

Here is our 4-point checklist for effective B2B personalisation:

  1. Do you know which accounts are most likely to buy?
  2. Can you calculate the channel that will give you the best return?
  3. Have you identified the right message for every segment of your audience?
  4. Can you pinpoint the perfect people in each organisation to engage with?


To give your buyers the perfect personalised experience you are going to need to use data to give you clarity and creativity.

We can help with that.

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